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Caerus cared for its clients

Caerus Law PC served families with complex, high wealth estates for transfers of assets and businesses during life and at the owners’ deaths. We helped clients find tax and legal opportunities to protect their assets and personal values while providing for their family, friends, community and the charities theycare about.


For over twenty five years, our founder provided holistic tax and legal advice with custom designs and drafting. We worked collaboratively with our clients and their other professional advisors to create virtual family offices, bringing them the best integrated advice for each unique situation.


Caerus (pronounced Kare'-us) is the Roman name of Kairos, the Greek god of opportunities and good luck, who was the youngest son of Zeus. At Caerus Law PC, we created unique opportunities for clients minimize asset loss to unnecessary taxes, beneficiary litigation and unexpected creditors by structuring tax efficient transfers and legally effective succession plans to accomplish each client's goals for the people and charities they care about. 


Multi-generation family on country hike
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