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We specialized in helping multi-generational families and business owners with their unique wealth transfer and business succession planning needs.
Wealth Transfers


Wealth comes in many forms and transfers can be done during life or at death. Our job is to take a client with whatever assets the client owns, discover where the client would like them to go, and design the transfer plan to minimize taxes and the client’s and beneficiaries’ stress. This entails understanding the attributes of many kinds of assets, the family values and dynamics, the tax and legal ramifications and requirements, and the many structural opportunities available to accomplish the client’s desired transition.




Philanthropic Gifts


We have designed and implemented lifetime or estate philanthropic gifts and specialize in extreme tax savings upon the sale of a closely held business using charitable gift planning before the sale. Designing charitable gifts that fulfill your goals, validate your personal or faith-based values, build family relationships and reduce taxes is a win-win for families and recipients. Philanthropy is a wonderful opportunity to minimize taxes, share values and build relationships while doing good in the community.




Estate Administration


We help a family member or friend work through the multitude of details and tasks to probate an estate after losing someone dear to them. We can do as much or as little as they would like, while assuring competent administration and fairness among the beneficiaries. READ MORE


Business Services
Closely-held businesses often represent the single largest asset of a family, so ensuring its continued value during life and upon transfer is critical to a family’s well being. This requires considering the tax implications and liabilities of the owners and operators under the entity structure chosen, along with choosing beneficiaries and planning well for succession. If a sale is desired or required, it should never be at fire sale prices because the business is in crisis, and should be structured to minimize the taxes on transfer. One of the best tax savings opportunities is to include charitable planning with a business sale, when appropriate for the owners. READ MORE



Tax Planning


What you earn in the US or abroad is always reduced by taxes before you or your family benefit from your hard work. Therefore, any reduction in the amount paid in taxes is beneficial to the earner and his or her ultimate recipients. To this end, we evaluate each design for income tax, estate and gift tax, capital gains tax and generation-skipping transfer taxes, and we can explain the structure and the savings to you! READ MORE


Asset Protection


The wealth you have must be protected from loss to be put to any useful purpose. Losses of assets can come from many places other than taxation, such as divorcing a spouse, litigating heirs, lawsuits from injured persons, liabilities under the law or contract, etc. We can evaluate and reduce the risk from each of these through entity structures, prenuptial and post-marital property agreements, thoughtful designs, legal advice, contract review and intentional drafting.



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Wealth Transfe
Asset Protection
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